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Setting up a Dnn theme to use Sass

Setting up a Dnn theme to use Sass

After my session at the Dnn Connect 2017 event I decided to create a tutorial on how to set up a skeleton them using Sass.

There is no hard setup of external frameworks like GruntJs etc., just install a Sass compiler and you are good to go!

The tutorial as all the source code as well!!

The tutorial explains how to structure your theme and where to place it in a Dnn install, how to import the Bootstrap 3.3.7 Sass source as well as the base code to create a theme.

As long as you know a small amount of Css, the tutorial should be very simple and clear to follow.

After you have completed the tutorial you should have a skeleton theme to play about with and have the knowledge of how to import other frameworks like Zurb Foundation and MaterializeCss.

After you have followed the tutorial you should be about to quickly set up and create great themes quickly and easily.

The tutorial can be downloaded here.

Feedback is always good so please add your comments below!


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