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Intro to the DnnContra theme for Dnn

Intro to the DnnContra theme for Dnn


The DnnContra theme for Dnn is the forth in the series of free, open source themes created by DnnConsulting.net.

This theme is a cross between the DnnBootster and DnnMDesign theme, with the choice of colors that the MDesign theme has and pre-designed color schemes like the Boostster theme. We have also created more css classes that help you easily create and customize the theme the way you want it!


Created with Bootstrap 4

The DnnContra theme uses Bootstrap 4 and that means that you can use all the newest functions of Bootstrap 4 which includes the new flex grid system and is used throughout the theme and components.

Theme information


  • Open Source: MIT License
  • Minimum DNN version: 08.00.00+
  • Bootstrap: Bootstrap v4.0.0.apha.6
  • 23 pre-defined accent color variations available
  • 1000's of color variations via the DnnContra color palette
  • Numerious css helpers for shadows, borders, lists etc.
  • All Bootstrap 4 components
  • Flexbox grid system
  • 8 inner page variations available
  • Layouts: 5 skin layouts:
    • Home skin
    • Inner skin (standard skin)
    • 404 skin (for page not found)
    • Admin skin (for admin pages)
    • Modal skin for popup like the login so that the skin displays correctly on mobile devices
  • Containers: 27. Simple styling that can be adapted to your own style.


The demo site, http://dnncontra.com has all the information for you to create a professional looking site using the Dnn platform: 1000's of color variations, shadow classes, border classes, tabs, accordions, sliders etc., etc.

Making it easier for you

For some creating professional content for you site with the components and color scheme is difficult. This is why we create 13 Open Content templates. The only thing you need to do is install Open Content, import the templates and that’s it, just input your content without copying, pasting and changing code that you don’t understand! For more information about these templates, click here to view what’s available.

Demo/info site : www.dnnContra.com
To download the theme, click here
For the source code, click here
Our other themes:


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