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The new Dnn9 Administration User Experience

The new Dnn9 Administration User Experience

Dnn 9 is coming and it has a new ‘Administration User Experience’ that will speed up the way you work with the Dnn CMS.

In Dnn 9 our much loved CMS has become more organized with the introduction of the Persona bar and ALLOT faster making admin tasks like when you first set up an instance a pleasure to do.

The Persona bar now replaces the old Control bar in Dnn 8 and is a huge improvement in usage and above all SPEED. Now you can work on admin tasks quickly and without leaving the website page you are working on. Another improvement is that the Persona bar doesn’t conflict with your theme. This is a huge thing for Dnn themer’s, now when you are creating a theme for Dnn 9 there is no need for the usual hacks to make sure that the Control bar displays correctly or hacks for fixed menu themes etc.

All Dnn admin tasks have now been re-organized and some items have been renamed to make it easier to find what you are looking for quickly.

One of the admin pages that has changed name is the ‘Event Viewer’ in Dnn 8. This is now known as the ‘Admin Logs’ which is found on the ‘Manage’ pop out of the Persona bar.

Admin Logs

When setting up a new instance of Dnn I always like to change what is logged and what not. Many of the log settings can be very handy when debugging a problem but allot of the settings are just not needed for the daily running of your Dnn website.

In Dnn8 and lower this was a tedious and time consuming thing to do when you have to change allot of the settings because of all the page refreshes the system does.

Now, in the new ‘Admin Logs’ I am able to change what I need to change in a fraction of the time it took in Dnn8. It’s so fast the people who have worked on this functionality have added a small blue progress bar at the top of the browser and a popup that makes sure you know that the system has been updated, it’s that fast! No more waiting for popups and the page to update, its instant!

The look and feel of the Admin Logs page has an up-to-date, modern look and is cleaner than its older brother, the page has now been split into 2 sections using tabs at the top of the page, no more scrolling to the bottom of a long page of logs!

The 2 tabs are now ‘Admin Logs’ and ‘Log Settings’

The Admin logs tab displays all functions such as sorting functionality, ‘Clear log’, ‘Delete selected’ and ‘Email Selected’

The ‘Log Settings’ tab holds all listed log settings which you can add to, delete and change quickly and easily! All info about the individual setting is clearly displayed in the list. Editing a setting is now lightning fast, just click the edit icon on the right of the setting and all settings are displayed instantly.

It’s not only the Admin Logs that have this sort of look and speed, all admin pages are changing with the same improvements.

Finding and editing the settings that you want has just become faster and easier with the new Dnn9 admin pages and the modern looking Persona bar!

At the time of writing, the new Administration User Experience is still work in progress I tested the Dnn9 Alpha version.

For more information about whats comming to the Dnn 9 release check out the following videos:

The new Dnn Persona bar

The new Admin Logs page

Editing log settings

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